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brg/021 - Butcher mind collapse - night dress (cd)

 Butcher mind collapse - night dress (cd)

brg/021 - 2011
cd photos: Maria Cristina Memè and Lorenzo Memè
alterations: Lorenzo Memè
tray's photo: Caterina Fattori
layout: "Refo" Refi & Jonatan Lencinella

Bloody Sound Factory
Mescaleros Crew
Lemming Records
Takemetamars Organization
Sweet Teddy Records
Musica Per Organi Caldi
Ashame Records
No=Fi Records


01. The Forgetter
02. Complicity
03. Night Dress
04. The Loss
05. Flameless Hell
06. Guilty
07. Killing A Fly With A Sword
08. Coming Times
09. Spiderwebs